War Remnants Museum

War Remnants Museum 

After visiting the War Remnants Museum close to closing the first time, I felt I hadn’t paid true respect to those who had fallen during this horror of a time. So I opted to go back a second time and spend more time.

The scars of the decades of war this country has endured are horrific. It is not known as the “Vietnam War”, but more referred to as “US War Against Vietnam” or the “American War”

The War Remnants Museum documents the cost the war has had on not only those who fought in the war, but also hundreds of years down the track the Vietnamese are still feeling the brutal effects of this war.

US armoured vehicles, artillery pieces, bombs and infantry weapons are all on display outside.

Even those who supported the war are likely to be horrified by the photos of children affected by US bombing and napalming. You’ll also have the rare chance to see some of the experimental weapons used in the war, which were at one time military secrets, such as the flechette, an artillery shell filled with thousands of tiny darts.

The display of photos showing the effects of Agent Orange was especially disturbing for me.

So I encourage everyone who visits Vietnam to take the time out of your day to visit the War Remnants Museum – you have to see this for yourself. And I hope you all take something out of this brutal war as I did.