Ubud & Surrounds



Now this time round in Bali was a work trip, and I was lucky enough to have 4nights.
I decided to make the very most of it… And as always, I managed to jam pack a full day. 

The day prior I had messaged my Driver – WAYAN BALI TOURS – with an idea of what we would like to see and do in our day with him. Now what I sent him was rather extensive, but in the end we only cut out ONE part of the day – and that was a restaurant – which we swapped for an even better hidden gem.

And here is how our day went…

  • Tegenungan WaterfallThe falls are located halfway between Ubud and Denpasar – making this a perfect first stop on our day exploring.
    Tickets are only IDR 10,000 each for entry ( less than $1 )
    The area on the way down toward the falls is lined with art and souvenir shops, together with small local ‘warung’ stalls selling snacks and cold drinks. We stopped and brought fans after the walk back up the stairs as we were all so sweaty!
    Getting down to the falls is only accessible via descending stairs…and quite a lot of them.
    But totally worth it – The water volume is impressive at almost any time of year.
    And if you are prepared, take your bikini and a towel to cool off in the plunge pool beneath the falls for some insta worthy snaps!And since you had to go down the stairs to get to the falls, this can only mean one thing – the way back up is gruelling in the heat of the day. 
  • Goa Gajah Elephant CaveNext stop was Goa Gajah an archaeological site of significant historical value that makes it a special place to visit.
    IDR 15000 per person entry cost, and they will provide you with a Sarong on arrival.
    Don’t get disappointed when you arrive but there isn’t any elephants here. Ill leave that up to you to research and see the reasons behind the name.
    We didn’t spend longer than 45minutes here, but I am glad I have seen this beautiful place.
    Again, on leaving there are market stalls selling all your favourite balinese cheap clothes or AMAZING leather goods at one of the stalls. Get your barter on <3 so much fun!
  • Pura Tirta EmpulPura Tirta Empul is built around a bubbling spring, an interesting place to observe Hindu devotees purifying themselves by means of ritual bathing.One of the most beautiful places of worship for spiritual cleansing with the Holy Water.
    IDR 30,000 entry fee, and Sarongs are provided if you don’t have your own.
    It is a beautiful place to sit and watch, enjoying the peace and tranquility. But I recommend if you do wish to get in to the water, do some research first. Each Fountain has a different blessing/meaning – and as explained by our driver – there is a particular way to approach each fountain as well. The staff are happy to assist you aswell, but make sure you understand & obey the rules and instructions.
  • Bali Boni RestaurantNow this is a Hidden Gem!
    We had originally planned to go to Jungle Fish for the afternoon, but Wayan had advised we wouldn’t have enough time to fit everything in… and so he took us to one of the most beautiful restaurants I have eaten at in Bali.
    Overlooking the Rice Terraces, you are greeted on arrival with a cold towel and an arrival drink. The atmosphere is so serene , quiet & peaceful and the air so fresh you instantly feel so relaxed.I would highly recommend visiting Bali Boni Restaurant if you ever get the chance. Great Food, Great Prices and the Staff are amazing!!
    *Free wifi too <3
  • Sacred Monkey Forest  Ubud Monkey Forest is one of Ubud’s most popular attractions! A Natural Forest that is home to loads of wild Macaques.IDR 50,000 Entry per adult
    Buy bananas if you’re brave, but be prepared to be jumped on if you do. The monkeys are friendly, but aren’t afraid to climb you like a tree, especially if you’ve got food.
    And that being said… they aren’t always Friendly! So keep your wits about you, and observe and obey the signs – They are wild animals after all.Leave your Hats, Sunglasses and any loose jewellery in the car. I had one cheeky monkey jump from the railing and try to take out my stud earrings. He didn’t have any luck (and they are cheap) but just a heads up!
  • Bali SwingNow this was the one thing that was at the VERY top of my Bali Bucketlist this time round #doitforthegram. 
    Located in Ubud, this is a relatively new experience that anyone who has seen my Instagram is just bound to want to do!
    Now in saying that, its not cheap… But 110% worth it.IDR 25,000 entry – this covers Entry Fee & a drink when you arrive.
    IDR 260,000 for the Swing… You can swing as many times as you like.They have a platform in which you are required to be harnessed in, then you swing out over the Jungle. Or if you would prefer to swing without the harness, you start from a lower platform (still strapped in, just around the waist this time)

    I had such an amazing feeling swinging out over the tree tops – gets the adrenaline pumping thats for sure <3

WAYAN BALI TOURS – My Private Driver.
Message him on Facebook and let him know what you would like to do and he will tailor make your day , and arrange the drive so you aren’t 
backtracking etc. 

He was only 600,000IDR for the whole day.. which split between 4 of us was so cheap so we ended up paying him 200,000 each and told him to have a few Bintangs on us! <3  He did not expect this at all, but was a nice to do if you are in the same position.

Photos From the Day <3