If you haven’t already, Download Uber and get on this bandwagon!

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 Like many of you, I love ride-sharing services like Uber!

Not only is the entire experience better than taking a taxi but Uber’s are usually 40% cheaper than taxis! For international travelers like myself, Uber is great because it is available all over the world and the rates are set so I know I won’t get scammed by local taxi drivers.

What I tend to do is book an Uber from the Hotel as you generally have free wifi in the Lobby, and then get taxis back if I can’t find any Free Wifi. I don’t bother with roaming whilst I am travelling, but for those of you that do – Uber is the way to go your whole trip!

I have used Uber in Saigon, Vietnam and it was extremely cheap and much better than trying to negotiate the price with the local taxi drivers.

Also have used in Buenos Aires, and this was extremely helpful as majority of the Taxi drivers I had didn’t speak ANY English!
So with Uber – you pin point exactly where you want to go before they even arrive = no language barriers!