Heirisson Island ( Kangaroo Island )

Heirisson Island

Otherwise known to crew as Kangaroo Island!


A short stroll along the waterfront of Swan River from our hotel located on Adelaide Terrace you will come across this island home to a few rescued Kangaroos!

You will need to keep your eyes peeled and stroll around the island quietly. Look off the beaten track and you are sure to come across these beautiful animals.

My first adventure to Heirisson Island was a fail – no sightings at all – too busy talking!

My second adventure with one of my good friends Lara.

We happened to find them all lazing in the shade on a hot day – and of course we HAD to take some selfies with them, but we were a little nervous to get too close.

AND my THIRD adventure over to the island was on the 23rd December 2016.
I was lucky enough to have my partner Scott accompany me on my work trip to Perth.
We got so lucky – If you are there on a Friday, look out for the rangers!

Every Friday they find the Kangaroos and feed them for a few hours. We were lucky enough to be able to handfeed and pat these beautiful animals – still being rather cautious though – seriously, if you get that close to one have a look at the toenails!!!!