Topas Ecolodge in Sapa, Vietnam


If you are planning a trip to Sapa and wanting a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday Vietnam, then Topas Ecolodge is the place to stay!
Perfectly situated on a hilltop, surrounded by mountains that are covered in Rice Terraces – it doesn’t get much better than this!

45minutes out of Sapa town on a rather adventurous drive, you will arrive at your fairytale destination. Misty hills, cobblestoned paths and a pool that looks like you are floating in the clouds.

It truly feels like you are in another world up there. So peaceful, quiet and surreal.

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The Power of Instagram. 

Now, like most people – prior to travelling you do your research…Finding places you wish to visit, must do’s and accommodation options.
For me – I research via INSTAGRAM… #sapa and quickly Topas Ecolodge pops up with their eye catching Infinity Pool up in the clouds overlooking the mountains.

So that was me sold!

I told Scott we had to add Sapa into our Vietnam holiday just so I could visit this exquisite place and I am so glad we did!

The Lodge

National Geographic has listed Topas Ecolodge Number 1 in its list of 21 places to stay if you care about the planet.

National Geographic commented ” Sustainable, spectacular and engaged with local communities, these lodges are tucked into some of the planet’s wildest places,”

 25 Standalone Mountain Bungalows all sit on this hilltop with unobstructed views due to the careful thinking and design of this Ecolodge.

We woke up one morning literally in the clouds. You could just make out the rice terraces below, but mostly all you could see was the fluffy clouds out our window – it was truly magical!

The Pool


The newly built stunning infinity pool situated high in the mountains is the reason Topas Ecolodge caught my eye.

The pool has the most incredible views of the surrounding peaks, valleys & rice terraces – I could just stay in for hours! Depending on the time of day, and the lighting you can even get shots of the pool with the clouds reflecting – like a mirror!

There is also a dedicated bar up there too , so pull up a lounger and get comfortable for the day!

And if the pool is too crowded for your liking – head up the steps to the Spa – a massage or herbal bath overlooking the incredible mountains will have you in awe!

Food & Drink 

Reviews we had previously read about the Lodge were that Food & Drink was overpriced… $160,000VND for a decent size main meal (which is served with rice) and around $110,000VND for a cocktail is extremely reasonable considering the location – 45minutes out of Sapa Town located on a hilltop in the mountains.
Look – its not the $35,000VND you are used to paying on the streets in Hanoi – its a proper restaurant with incredible views & AMAZING food full of flavour!

The Staff – who might I add are 95% local minorities from the villages which Topas Ecolodge provide employment to help support the local communities – always have a Smile and are so friendly.

We were thoroughly impressed with the service and quality of both the breakfast and dinners in the restaurant… and one simply cannot start your day in Vietnam without one of the AMAZING Vietnamese coffees !


Red Dao Ladies

Okay prepare – you are amongst the hilltribe villages.

When we arrived from Sapa town, before we had even got out of the car we were bombarded by 10-15 beautiful smiling ladies all wearing Red hats trying to sell us their handmade items.

Now this can be a little overwhelming at first, however they are not allowed into the Lodge.

My recommendation at first is to try and not engage too much with them. Say Hello, and move into the Welcome House until you are ready to meet these lovely, but very intense ladies.

Our second day here in the village we decided to brave it… we wanted to go for a walk around the hill area. LITERALLY as soon as you get anywhere in view of these ladies they are wanting to become your friend (and sell you some goodies).

We had 4 lovely ladies follow us… and then eventually lead us on a 2hour hike holding my hand down the slippery rice terrace tracks to show us the local area.
This was an absolute experience I highly recommend.
So many laughs along the way.

But BE WARNED – if you walk with these ladies, you are expected to buy something from each one of them that is walking with you.

As it was our last day (and we were running out of Vietnamese Dong) I bartered with the ladies and we agreed on spending $100,000VND($6NZD) per lady – and so I leave Sapa with 2 small hand sewn bags, some bracelets & and a coin purse.

If you are not already sold… then here are a few photos to tempt you even more!



Now that you want to visit TOPAS ECOLODGE
– are you wondering how to get from Hanoi to Sapa (and vice versa) ?? 


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xo Cayla