Top 10 Things to Do on the Island of Gili Trawangan

Top 10 Things to Do on Gili Trawangan

1. Go Snorkelling or Diving in the crystal clear waters of the Gili Islands

We took our own snorkel and masks with us, and just borrowed fins for the dives. There are multiple snorkelling tour companies on the island for you to choose from. Most of the public boats are around 150k Rupiah each (approx. NZ$15) Including your gear hire if you don’t have your own. These go to all the main spots and take about 4hours.

We decided to opt for a private boat, yes we paid a bit more 600k Rupiah (NZ$60) for two hours but this meant we could spend as little or as much time in certain spots as we liked.


2. Watch the Sun go down on the Sunset side of the Island

Watching the Sunset is quite possibly one of my absolute favourite things to do, and Gili T does not disappoint. Some of the most incredible Sunsets I have ever seen.

3. Enjoy a BBQ meal sitting on the beach as the Sun goes down

Every day as the Sun sets for the day the BBQ restaurants come alive. Choose from a range of fresh seafood or meats that will be cooked for you on the BBQ whilst you listen to live music on the beach.
NZ$8 for a 100gram tuna steak & full access to the salad buffet all you can eat… it doesn’t get much better than that!

4. Hire Bikes and explore the Island

Gili T is motor vehicle free which means horse carts or bicycles are you main mode of transport.
You can hire bikes for approx. 50000 Rupiah a day (NZ$5)
Because the Island is so small, this is a great way to explore each and every spot on the island – stopping whenever you want to for a cold Bintang or Fresh Coconut.
Just prepare for a sore bum – the roads are bumpy!

5. Swing on one of the many Gili Ocean Swings

There are multiple Swings to choose from set out in the ocean – all on the Sunset Side of the Island.
During the day, you have free reign and complete opportunity to take as long as you like (and as many photos as you like haha) but come sunset time – you will be waiting in line with multiple other people to get that #gramshot … yes, I am guilty – but can you blame me??!

Day Time Hangs

Sunset Vibes

6. Enjoy a $2 Fresh Coconut or Ten

Biking round the Island, any time I felt like a drink we stopped at one of the many beachside juice bars or restaurants and had a fresh cold $2 coconut.
So refreshing, So Cheap – Just Perfect!

7. Party at one of the many beach bars down by the Harbour

If you are after some party vibes, with pumping music head along to the Harbour Side of the Island.
Multiple Bars with backpackers everywhere playing Beer Pong and simply enjoying the Island Vibes.
Street Food Stalls selling local cuisine if you are brave enough, and delicious crepes for dessert too if thats what you are craving!

8. Yoga with the team at Yoga Sunset Beach Villas

We booked through Air BNB and stayed at the Yoga Sunset Beach Villas for our time on Gili T and throughly enjoyed it. We didn’t manage to get up early enough to enjoy the Yoga they have to offer but if we had more time we definitely would have made more of an effort.
A platform suspended above the ground overlooking the ocean. The team offers Yoga here twice a day, with Aerial Yoga as the sun goes down – and only 150000 Rupiah (NZ$15) a class!

9. Have a Massage

Quite Simply – no trip to Bali is complete without daily Balinese Massages, and Gili T was in my opinion my best massage throughout the trip. Don’t ask me the name of the place as I literally cannot remember, all I know is that it was down by the harbour/town area and was $175000 Rupiah (NZ$17) for an hour… yes, a little more expensive than the $6 cheap and cheerful massages most places in Bali but hey – when you are out on a tiny island you don’t have much choice.
And like I said – actually the best massage I had!

10. Simply enjoy your days exploring the island

Since Gili T is relatively small, you can literally bike around the island in less than an hour.
I highly recommend just hopping around the island, stopping at all the different beaches and spots around the Island. Taking in the local life and enjoying the fact that you are on a small island a few hours away from the main hustle and bustle of Bali.

Scott and I absolutely LOVED Gili T and I wish we had booked longer out there. 
For next time, we will explore the other Gili Islands as well and hope to get across to explore some of Lombok too!

Hope this helps, and take a look at my other blog posts for everything else we got up to on this Bali trip!

xo Cayla