A Day trip to Tigre is an absolute MUST do once you have ticked off the “typical spots” in the city of BA.

At less than $1 each way on a train which takes approximately 50minutes, and then $13 for a boat trip along the delta – this makes for an extremely easy and affordable day out. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a while and into a “safe haven” of a more relaxed, lifestyle.

First of all – you will need a SUBE card – ask your hotel concierge if they have one you can borrow for the day . If not, these are only approximately 25peso to buy from the station anyway!

Head down to RETIRO station, and to one of the booths to top up the card (you can use one between a group of you) you just have to each swipe through and then pass the card back.

To TIGRE it is only 7pesos per person – we topped up 60pesos and that did three of us for the day there and back. Tigre is the end of the line from Retiro, so no chance of missing your stop either!

Ask your concierge for a copy of the Train Timetable – but basically they seem to depart every 10-15minutes. Just make sure to look at the train you are hopping on says “TIGRE” or “RETIRO” depending on which way you are going 🙂

Once you arrive in Tigre train station, head out the main doors and you are free to roam!

We decided to check out the boat cruises first and found one leaving at 12.30pm – 1hour was only 130peso each! Super affordable and a really cool day out.

Personally I felt like 1hour was enough on just a cruise along the river, but would like to look into something a bit more authentic next time to be able to stop and have lunch along the delta somewhere.


Now we went midweek to Tigre, so everything was rather quiet and relaxed. However I have been told that the weekends in Tigre is the time to go, so if you are lucky enough – go on a weekend!

The Markets “Puerto de Frutos” (fruit port)
Among the tourist attractions of the city of Tigre, the shopping tour around the fruit market is a classic that no visitor to the delta can miss. A site where the ancient habit of trading basic food essential for the subsistence of the inhabitants of the delta islands gets mingled with the refined interior design shops.

Themepark & Waterpark
Tigre is home to an amazing looking theme park & waterpark – however again only open on the weekends! So even more of a reason to visit on a Saturday/Sunday if you are lucky enough to time it right.

“The Glass House”
In the heart of the Delta there is a very particular house that everyone wants to see incased inside an impressive glass box. Belonging to Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, “Father of the Classroom” in Argentina.

The house works nowadays as a museum and library. According to the Municipality of Tigre, which was in charge of building the the glass structure around it in order to protect it from the inclemencies of the weather and the passing of time, approximately 50 thousand people reach this place every weekend attracted by the crystal box shining in the horizon.

So with that – visit on a weekend and hop off the boats and take a look inside this impressive glass house. I will be doing this on a future trip for sure.

Quick Video Snaps of the Day Below :