Jacobs Ladder Stairs

Jacobs Ladder Stairs

Located along Mounts Bay Road, take a run from Adelaide Terrace along the waterfront of the Swan River, past Elizabeth Quay and down onto Mounts Bay Road!

The challenge of Jacob’s Ladder is to run, walk, (and eventually stagger , even if you are fit!) up and down around 250 steps (242 steps and counting).


So put your headphones in, place your water bottle at the bottom and Join the Locals. Get amongst this fitness fanatics playground!
The Stairs are tough, but the views at the top are totally worth it.

The Cafe at the bottom of the stairs – Health Freak Cafe – is an absolute MUST for breakfast, and Kings Park located at the top – just a short stroll away, is an absolute must do too!

So set aside your morning as follows:
Take a stroll or run along the waterfront of the Swan River
Run the stairs as many times as you can physically do
Pop in to Health Freak Cafe for Breakfast
Complete one last ascent up the Stairs!
Take a short stroll along to Kings Park and enjoy the natural beauty of this incredible paradise nestled in the heart of the city.

This is my mornings on repeat every time I visit Perth!