Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, Iguassu Falls Or Iguacu Falls are waterfalls of the Iguazu River running between the borders of Argentina & Brazil.

This Post is detailed information about getting to Iguassu Falls on the Argentinian side from Buenos Aires. 

Getting There… * How we did it * 

We booked the 0905 Flight from AEP (Aeroparque Jorge Newbery) to IGR (Iguazu) which lands around 1055 Flying with Aerolineas Argentinas .

Take your passport to check in with at the domestic terminal as this is what they use for ID purposes for tourists.

FOR CREW: Check in at counter 43 if on staff travel. 

The flight is roughly 1hr 50minutes long, and you will be offered 1 drink on the flight.
If you happen to be on the 737-800 – they have wifi to connect to their inflight entertainment system.


Once we were in Iguazu we went outside to the taxi’s. It is a flat rate to Iguazu National Park of 350peso. There is no uber or other cheaper option, however split between a few people this is pretty reasonable.

Entry Fee

Once you arrive at the park there is an Entry Fee of 500pesos for tourists (*as of April 2017)

The Park

COST – 500 Pesos – CASH ONLY!

Once you have paid your entry fee, take a look at the map and make a decision of how you would like to spend your day! Take note of the “last train/boat” times between each part of the park to make a good decision to see as much as you can!

How we spent our day:

First of all we caught the train (included in entry cost) all the way to the top of the Park. We went to view the Devils Throat(Garganta Del Diablo) first of all.

I can guarantee you will get wet – saturated in fact – so be prepared!

Literally within a few minutes of standing in awe looking out over the Devils throat we were drenched. Its all part of the fun though!!

After we had stood up here for awhile and taken a gazillion photos we headed back towards the train station.

Next stop was the Cataratas Station – this is the middle station on the map. Once you get here you can follow the signs to what ever trail you would like to do.

We had a plan to do the Boat Ride so we went and booked this first ( follow the signs toward “fast food Cataratas” and you will see the Iguaza Jungle Shop – this is the only place you can pay with card for the boat ride)

The Boat ride costs 450Pesos, and is at set times. We opted for the 4.10pm Boat ride. And after we had booked this we set on our way along the blue circuit marked on the map – the lower circuit.

And this was some of the stunning views and scenery we saw along the way.
Personally I feel like the Lower Circuit gives you the very best views of the entire park!

We continued along the lower loop to where the boats depart from and jumped on one that takes you across to the Island.

There is some stunning views from across on this island, but beware – getting up to the views is only done via a gruelling stair climb to the top …but seriously so worth it!!!



As I mentioned before – The Boat ride is run through a company called Iguazu Jungle.

It Costs 450pesos for a 12minute Boat ride which takes you out for some spectacular views… and then drives you DIRECTLY underneath the waterfalls for what they call a “baptism shower at the bottom of the San Martin Waterfall”

*see where all that water is in the left hand side…thats where you are heading!!!!!!!!! *

You will get COMPLETELY WET!
So when people tell you to bring a change of clothes…LISTEN!


After the Boat ride we made our way back to the start & headed for the Airport.
Again taxis cost 350Peso flat rate to the Airport.

We caught a 10.20pm Flight from Iguazu back to Buenos Aires – Landing just after Midnight.

Such an amazing day – CANNOT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH <3

What to take with you for the day –

Small Backpack
Book/Headphones for the flight
Insect Repellent
Spare Clothes –  if you plan on going on the boat!
Towel to dry off

Heres a link to watch our day <3


And a few more Photos of the day!


haha … And thats a story for another day!
( At least we can laugh about it now)