Hotel Room Workouts!

There is some days when hotel gyms just don’t cut it – too small, you have woken at some crazy timezone and the gym isn’t open, too many people in there using all the equipment, or you just physically don’t want to go to the Gym…Ive had these days, and I can tell you since starting to fly for a job a year ago I have not kept to any particular routine.

With a mix of jetlag, excitement to see the cities I am in and not wanting those creepy people staring at you whilst you train in a confined space, so I am starting to create Hotel Room Workouts that I can feel the burn and truly do work.

And the plus side of this is that you feel great afterwards, and can do these at any time of the day/night.

I will update future versions so you never get bored too.
<3 Feel that burn and let me know how it goes!!

LEGS – Version #1
No equipment required. 

50x Fast Body Weight Squats / Pulse Squats
Keep the tension on your quads & glutes the whole time, so not releasing at the top.

10x Sumo Squats
Slow and focused on the ‘squeeze’ at both bottom and top of the squat.

15x each side – Split Squat to Side Crunch
Slow and focused, hands on head and bring the crunch in tight – elbow to knee.

10x each side – Curtsy Lunges

20x each side – Side Lunges with Knee raise

20x each side – Donkey Kicks 
Squeeze the glutes and hamstrings.

Repeat Circuit 3-4 Times depending on how much time you have before exploring for the day, or getting some rest.

ABS – Version #1


1 Minute Plank Hold

10x body saw (rocking plank)
Keep this  slow and controlled, rocking back and forward pushing through the feet.

20x Leg Raises with butt lifted off the floor each time.

20x Each Side Heel Touches
If its too hard, bring heels in closer – too easy, take the heels out further.

20x Each Side Cycling Crunches
Elbow to Knee

10x Sitting Twists ( Russian Twists )
Feet off the ground in a V-Sit. If you have access to a dumbbell then try use this too.

10x Each Side Standing Abdominal Side Bends
Best done with a dumbbell but if you dont have one, try to slow these down and stretch those obliques.

Repeat Circuit 3-4 Times