Extravaganza Saigon Tours

The BEST “back of the bikes tour” in Town!

If you are looking for one of the most exhilarating, fun & authentic Vietnamese experiences in Ho Chi Minh City then you just HAVE to book with Jake and his team from Extravaganza Saigon Tours.


We booked the Saigon Food Tour at Night which goes from 6pm – 10pm.

Jake very quickly responded to my booking request, asking for everyones full names, dates of birth & weight so he could purchase the insurance for us all. And also finding out any dietary requirements too! * There is quite a lot of seafood street food, so let Jake know if this doesn’t appeal 🙂

so you know you are going to get the VERY best from these locals!

Jake & his team will come and pick you up & drop you back off again anywhere from District 1!

The team quickly introduced themselves, and the camera man took a few “before” photos for us!
Then we jumped on the back of the bikes and zoomed off outside of District 1 , exploring parts of Ho Chi Minh City I never would have dreamed about seeing!

What I loved most about this tour is all the Guides/Drivers speak fantastic English, with Jake the owner having the most funny authentic Aussie accent ( he had teachers with all different accents )
They provide amazing knowledge of the city, chatting to you the whole way across all the districts and explaining what is special about each one of them.

When you arrive at each of the places, Hand Sanitiser and tissues are provided.
The guides will explain whats in each dish, how to eat it and offer you drink options!

All FOOD & DRINKS are provided at each stop on this tour!

For Safety, and so you can actually enjoy the ride and your scenery there is a Camera Man who zooms around with you taking snaps along the way so you can treasure the experience too!

There is a number of different tours to choose from, so I will definately be ticking off a few of the others next time I am in Ho Chi Minh City.

RATE : 10/10
Extremely Good Value for Money!

Jake, You are an absolute asset to this company!
So grateful to have met you and I look forward to catching up with you when I am back in Ho Chi Minh City!



We tried Lotus Milk! Tasted like creamed rice…