Diamond Head

Hiking up Diamond Head

Getting There: 

You can either follow the boardwalk all the way along the beachfront to Diamond Head Crater, OR what we did is take the NUMBER 23 Bus at $2.50 per person and ask the driver to let you know once you get to Diamond Head Crater (it does tell you on the screen in the bus though)

Park Opening Hours: 

Open Daily from 6am to 6pm (last hike entry is 4.30pm)


$5.00 Private Vehicle
$1.00 Individual Walk In



As I am a New Zealander, I am quiet used to hiking rugged terrain.
The Hike up to the top of Diamond Head Crater is more like a challenging day walk – with a few tough stair challenges along the way – but seriously nothing you can’t handle!
I saw children and elderly people tackling this, so I would say its a hike for all ages and abilities.

The signs say it takes 60-90minutes round trip – and I guess that depends on how fast/slow you want to take it.

There are a few places for rest stops along the way, however the only bathrooms are at the very bottom so make sure you use this before you start on your way.

In the middle of the heat of the day I can imagine this would be a struggle , so either go earlier in the day, or prepare to sweat up a storm!

Take lots of water and sunscreen with you. 


Ill let the photos do the talking for this one: Absolutely Stunning !!


And If you happen to forget anything, or finish your day off nicely – there is a souvenir shop and a truck at the bottom before you start the hike.

I couldn’t resist on a hot day and had to get a Shaved Ice $4 – they are HUGE.


Snippet of the Day: