Getting to ARASHIYAMA:


Estimated Travel Time: 60-70Minutes
Fare : JPY640 each way


10 mins on Midosuji Line to

5mins walk to

35mins on Hankyu Kyoto Line to


5mins on Hankyu Arashiyama Line to


  • From Namba Station(M20)take the Subway Midosuji Line (marked in red)
  • Buy a one way ticket 240YEN
  • Take the Midosuji Line subway to Umeda Station (M16) from Platform #2
  • Change Trains at UMEDA Station (M16) and take stairway “F” to the exit.
  • Exit #1 or #2 to Hankyu Umeda Station
  • Purchase a oneway ticket 400YEN; take a train(limited express/Tokkyu) bound for Kawaramachi from platform #1,#2 or #3 (Hankyu Kyoto Line)
  • Get off at KATSURA station and change trains from the platform #C to Arashiyama station (Hankyu Arashiyama Line)


The Visitor Centres are fantastic at pointing you in the right direction of the exits etc if required!

Below is the “HANKYU AREA GUIDE” train map I grabbed, follow the green line.
You will see this goes from :
Station 01 – UMEDA,
to Station 81 – Katsura
and then along to Station 98 – Arashiyama

Its not as daunting as the instructions make out, trust me!


Detailed Map of Saga Arashiyama

The Map above gives you an overview of the small village of Arashiyama.
My travels brought me up to this quaint little village for two reasons.

1. Bamboo Forest
2. Monkey Park

So of course I ticked both off.


Starting from the bottom right of the Map you will notice “HANKYU ARASHIYAMA STATION” , this is where you get off your train into Arashiyama. Walking out of the station and following the crowds you will come to the river.

We opted to cross the Togetsukyo Bridge first and carry along the main road straight, passing all the little village shops and stalls along the way until we came to the signs for the Bamboo Forest.


The Bamboo Forest is a very tranquil place, IF you are there early enough when the crowds aren’t so big. We were lucky enough to have arrived just after 9am whilst there was still room to stroll through this magnificent pathway without too many people around.

It is one of Kyoto’s most photographed and top sights – so definitely one to add to the list of “Must Do’s”

Monkey Park Iwatayama

Now this was the absolute HIGHLIGHT of my day trip to Arashiyama!
After hearing about The Monkey Park it was an attraction I had to see while on my latest layover.

ENTRY : 550JPY per Adult
OPEN: 9am – 4.30pm

The park is located in Arashiyama and is home to about 120 snow monkeys. They are native to Japan, and, yes, these are the type of monkeys seen in iconic photos in which they’re bathing at hot springs in winter (another thing added to my bucketlist!)

The Hike to the top of the mountain is relatively easy, and has well established paths. Following the path, at the top is a view of the city, mountains and river, that truly does not disappoint! And not to mention – MONKEYS EVERYWHERE!

The one thing I was so impressed with, is that this “tourist attraction” is one of the first I have seen for a long time where they aren’t kept in captivity.

These are WILD monkeys, who are hand-fed by Humans, however the Humans are the ones in the cage for once! The Monkeys climb all over the hut to come and gobble up the delicious snacks you have brought for them – at just a small price of 100yen you could spend hours in here feeding these cheeky little guys! I opted for some peanuts and it just truly goes to show how similar they are to humans watching them eat!


Once you have finished feeding the monkeys, you come out of the hut and enjoy the stunning views, keeping your wits about you though. These cheeky guys are out and about, roaming there home mountain.


Another thing we did on our trip to Arashiyama was visit a Bengal Cat Cafe!

They have both Owls, and Cats – and you can choose one or both experiences. I had already been to an Owl Cafe on one of my other trips, as you will have seen already, so this time we opted to visit the Bengal Cats. A Must DO for any Cat lovers – Kylee and I didn’t happen to be very liked by these cats, everyone else seemed to enjoy it though haha!


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Getting to KYOTO:


Estimated Travel Time: 60Minutes
Fare JPY800 each way

10 mins on Midosuji Line


5mins walk to

30mins on JR Kyoto Line

  • From Namba station (M20) take the Subway Midosuji Line (marked in red)
  • Buy a one way ticket 240yen to UMEDA STATION
  • Take the Midosuji Line subway to Umeda Station (M16) from Platform #2
  • Stairway H to the gate.
  • Exit 8 or Exit 9 to JR OSAKA STATION
  • Purchase a one-way ticket JPY560; take a train (special-rapid service/Shin Kaisoku) bound for Kyoto from Platform #7 or #8 (JR KYOTO LINE)

Alternatively, there is a pass you can buy for only roughly 700yen for the day (take your passport along as this is only for visitors to Japan)

Its called the “KEIHAN LINE” Pass – I haven’t personally used this, but great way to get a discounted sightseeing pass – pop in to the Tourist Information Centres in the Train Stations for information on this or check out the website prior.

Ill try it out next season and give it a go!


Journey through the thousands of burnt orange coloured Torii gates which lead a pathway over 4km to the top of Mount Inari.
Each gate has been donated from various businesses around the area to bring them good luck for the years to come.

I happened to visit in Winter, and got lucky enough to actually be there whilst it was snowing – making it all the more spectacular!

There are small shrines all along the way up the mountain for little refreshment stops if required!

I highly recommend a visit to Fushimi-Inari shrine, as after awhile most shrines and temples start to look the same. This one however is so unique, and has a good hike with beautiful views as well!

How much does it cost? 
The Fushimi Inari Shrine is FREE!
Opening Hours: It never closes
How to get there from Kyoto?
Train: Take the JR Nara Line from Kyoto railway station, two stops to JR Inari. It takes about 5 minutes.


Kinkaku-ji, more famously the “Golden Pavilion,” is Kyoto’s most iconic sight. It’s well worth a visit, just try to pick a time when the crowds aren’t there. Covered in glittering gold leaf, the pavilion shimmers in the sunlight over its mirroring pond. Both the temple and its Zen garden are a must visit location for any visitor to Kyoto.


The easiest, cheapest and most direct way to get to Kinkakuji Temple from Kyoto Station, is by bus. Buses for Kinkakuji depart from the main bus terminal.
Kyoto City Bus #205 departs from Stand B3 in the center of the bus terminal.
Usually takes under 40 minutes to reach Kinkakuji.
Be careful though NOT to get on the “Rapid #205” service that leaves from the same stop because the rapid service does NOT go to Kinkakuji Temple! Before boarding check that the word “rapid” is not written above the number #205.

Opening hours:

Adults: 400yen

Nearest Transport:
In front of Kinkaku-ji-mae Bus Stop, Kyoto City Bus 205 from Kyoto Station




Getting there :
Take the train to Harbour Front Station and then go up to level 3 of the VivoCity Mall .
Take the $4SGD Sentosa Express Monorail or walk free along the boardwalk. 


Spend the entire day on Sentosa – Singapore’s most popular island resort with endless things to see and do. Sentosa Island truly has something for everyone!

Universal Studios, Zip-lining, The Luge, S.E.A Aquarium, Indoor Skydiving, Madame Tussauds – The best attractions in Sentosa all share one thing in common: fun, and lots of it!

This photo above was one of my absolute Singapore highlights – meeting this beautiful PINK dolphin! They actually exist !!!!!!!

All of the attractions are easy to get to with the free bus service that runs round the island as well as a free monorail service too.
And when you need a lunch break, The large array of restaurants, places for snacks/drinks will leave you spoilt for choice.

For that afternoon relaxation, the beautiful man-made beaches with a refreshing frozen cocktail in hand will go down a treat!

Plan to spend the whole day on Sentosa – you will not regret it.

Visit for more information and details on the package deals etc for doing all of the Attractions!






Getting there : Take the train to Harbour Front Station and then go up to level 3 of the VivoCity Mall , Take the $4 SGD Sentosa Express or walk free along the boardwalk.
Once you are on Sentosa, jump off the Monorail at Imbiah Station & follow the signs for Mega Adventure!


From the moment I arrived the staff were incredibly friendly, and informative. Firstly fitting your harness and sorting out your bags etc.

First up was the MegaClimb – A 3 level High Ropes course.
Initially walking up to the first platform the nerves began to hit me, but the informative team made sure I was well clear as to what was going to happen – and there is ALWAYS someone there to double check your harness and make sure everything is secure.
Three levels ranging from 5m – 15m High with some amazing views from the top and various obstacles along the way to overcome.

This was my first time attempting a ropes course and it truly is addictive!

Then it was time to make my way to the top and take a leap of faith.
MegaJump – a 15m Freefall !
For someone that is scared of heights I was surprisingly calm. And I credit this to the staff.
The calm, friendly and super safety conscious team definitely take the nerves away thats for sure. Again – with someone always double checking your harness.

Since the Tropical Singapore weather was coming in , I decided to skip the Mega Wall and head for the ZipLine.
450m of some of the most breathtaking views as you zoom over the treetops towards Siloso Beach.
This really gets the adrenaline pumping! Listen to the staff up the top, they tell you to give flying upside down a go if you are feeling brave enough and that was seriously fun!

Letting go of the harness and flying through the treetops is a feeling like no other.
Three Zip-lines gives you the chance to do this with friends and race each other down.
This was the absolute highlight of the day. I could do this over and over again!

Head on over, check out their website to see for yourself what they have to offer and book your day out now – you will not regret it!

Crew  – Click Here for more details!


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