The BEST “back of the bikes tour” in Town!

If you are looking for one of the most exhilarating, fun & authentic Vietnamese experiences in Ho Chi Minh City then you just HAVE to book with Jake and his team from Extravaganza Saigon Tours.

We booked the Saigon Food Tour at Night which goes from 6pm – 10pm.

Jake very quickly responded to my booking request, asking for everyones full names, dates of birth & weight so he could purchase the insurance for us all. And also finding out any dietary requirements too! * There is quite a lot of seafood street food, so let Jake know if this doesn’t appeal ūüôā

so you know you are going to get the VERY best from these locals!

Jake & his team will come and pick you up & drop you back off again anywhere from District 1!

The team quickly introduced themselves, and the camera man took a few “before” photos for us!
Then we jumped on the back of the bikes and zoomed off outside of District 1 , exploring parts of Ho Chi Minh City I never would have dreamed about seeing!

What I loved most about this tour is all the Guides/Drivers speak fantastic English, with Jake the owner having the most funny authentic Aussie accent ( he had teachers with all different accents )
They provide amazing knowledge of the city, chatting to you the whole way across all the districts and explaining what is special about each one of them.

When you arrive at each of the places, Hand Sanitiser and tissues are provided.
The guides will explain whats in each dish, how to eat it and offer you drink options!

All FOOD & DRINKS are provided at each stop on this tour!

For Safety, and so you can actually enjoy the ride and your scenery there is a Camera Man who zooms around with you taking snaps along the way so you can treasure the experience too!

There is a number of different tours to choose from, so I will definately be ticking off a few of the others next time I am in Ho Chi Minh City.

RATE : 10/10
Extremely Good Value for Money!

Jake, You are an absolute asset to this company!
So grateful to have met you and I look forward to catching up with you when I am back in Ho Chi Minh City!



We tried Lotus Milk! Tasted like creamed rice…


72 Hours//3days in Ho Chi Minh City

This is how I spent 3 full days in Ho Chi Minh City & Made the absolute MOST of my layover.

Day 1: Cooking Class, War Remnants Museum, Back of Bikes Night Food Tour

Prior to arriving in Vietnam we booked a Vietnamese Authentic Cooking Course online for our first day
** Click on the link above to book yours too! **
We naturally woke early being in a different time zone so Jane & I walked down to the Markets , and on the way we passed Notre Dam Cathedral for a photo op of course.

The course began with an 8.30am Market Visit at Ben Thanh Markets introducing us to the local way of life.









After about 30-45minutes at the Markets we made our way with our guide to the Vietnam Cookery Centre to begin our class.
I cannot recommend enough that you MUST do a cooking class whilst you are in Vietnam! It gives you a real insight and appreciation of the flavours.

Our cooking class finished just after 12.30pm, so we rolled out of the Cookery Centre so content and full .

After the class we made a decision to go down to Sinh Tourist Head Office to book our next days tour. I recommend going down to the office to find out if the tour is guaranteed to go – this depends on how many people book so double check!

Then we ventured back to the Hotel, and across for a few hours at the War Remnants Museum. An Absolute MUST for any visitors to Ho Chi Minh City. It truly gives you the best insight to the history of the Vietnamese War Times, and the affects that are still happening today.

The last part to our day was probably my favourite part of this whole trip!
A Back of the Bikes Vespa Tour with Jake & his team from EXTRAVAGANZA SAIGON TOURS
6 of us crew went on the tour and had so much fun.
We booked the night Street Food tour, and I promise you when they say “Food Coma” this will happen!

Click here for more information on this tour!

Day 2: Cu Chi Tunnels & Mekong Delta

Day Two was a super Early Start – 6.30am down at Sinh tourist office to check in for our 1day tour exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels & Mekong Delta.

We booked through Sinh Tourist as my partner recommended them and they were so cheap!
1 Day trip was only 329,000VND ($20NZ) including Lunch! How can you not?!?

The day starts with a drive to Cu Chi Tunnels – the guide for the day will give you some interesting information on the bus ride regarding the history of Vietnam so pay attention.

The drive is about 90minutes… but shorter if less traffic.

On arrival at Cu Chi you will have to pay for the entry to the complex – 110,oooVND in cash ($6NZD)- the guide collects this and goes to get your tickets for you.

Once inside your guide will take you all through the Cu Chi Tunnels Complex, teaching you about how the Vietnamese used to live during the war times, how the tunnels were created and shows you some nasty looking spike traps from back in the day. I wont go into too much detail here so you get to experience it yourself!

After about 1-2hours you begin the drive to My Tho on the Mekong Delta.
Now this is a LONG bus ride – roughly 2 hours, so pack some snacks, headphones etc!

On Arrival at the Mekong Delta you will board a boat and head over to have Lunch… now this is predominantly Fish & Pork, so if you are Vegetarian let the guide know!
Drinks are extra here – about 20,000VND ($1.20NZ)for a coke etc.

Next up is a few different parts of the Mekong Delta and how the people that live here make there money!
*You do get rather up close and personal to some beehives so if you are allergic, like I am, please take some medication with you. They are pretty docile but its a LONG way out if you do have a reaction.
Expect to tip at a couple of places, 10,000VND each is a good amount.


Before you leave the Mekong Delta you jump on these little boats and are rowed down the river, so get the camera’s ready, Buy a token 30,000VND ($1.80NZ) hat for Photo Ops haha! #doitforthegram









The bus ride back to the Sinh Tourist Office is about 2hours again, so Nap time!! Arriving back around 6pm.

Once we arrived back we were all pretty shattered so found somewhere for Dinner in De Tham Street close to where bus drops you off.
“Saigon Pho” – cannot rate high enough! Amazing Food, Super Fast Service and SO CHEAP!

Day 3: Shopping and Pamper Day

Day Three was our last day, and a day of relaxing.

We started this day slow, meeting down at the Buffet for Breakfast and eating our body weight in food, and drinking way too many Vietnamese Iced Coffees!

The plan for today was a bit of shopping and some pamper time.
So we took a stroll down to Ben Thanh Markets for some last shopping – I purchased a few pairs of shoes  Converse for 350000VND, and Nikes for 400000VND … and an awesome travel backpack for only 400000VND ( $25NZ! )

The bartering was wearing us out, so Jane & I took a taxi back to the hotel to drop off our shopping and then went straight for a Massage!

Now there were soo many recommendations from Crew so we opted to go to “MY SPA” and I am so incredibly glad we did. What a place <3

320,000VN ($20NZ) for 60minutes full body.

You are greeted with an Iced Herbal Tea whilst you decide on the pampering you wish to have, then you are whisked upstairs to peace and quiet.
A Refreshing cucumber face mask is applied whilst your arms,legs and neck are massaged, and then removed before your back massage .
Too finish you are given a hot stone treatment..

And I can tell you right now – you walk out of there feeling oh so Zen…. until the beeping and scooters of Ho Chi Minh starts again haha!

After our massage we popped in to a super cute restaurant called Chi Hoa.
Amazing Authentic Vietnamese Cuisines and super cheap too.

And then to finish my day off, I popped into for a Manicure & Pedicure.
250,000VND($16NZ) for a pedicure with polish, and shellac mani.

A few things to keep on you at all times in Vietnam:

  • For the Ladies – Toilet Paper or Tissues. Lots of the places dont have these!
  • An Umbrella, it is bound to rain! Doesn’t last long, but those rain drops are BIG.
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Snacks & Water!
  • Camera – this is a given.
  • Insect Repellent – especially for Mekong Delta

All I can say is WOW – what a perfect whirlwind trip ticking off all the things I have been wanting to do!

 Hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

xo Cayla


Hey Guys & Girls <3

Thought I would share a post with you of some of my all time favourite travel IG accounts to get inspo for your next holidays (and #gram shots!)

xo Cayla

@TRAVEL_INHERSHOES – Literally my all time fave account on Instagram !


























There is some days when hotel gyms just don’t cut it – too small, you have woken at some crazy timezone and the gym isn’t open, too many people in there using all the equipment, or you just physically don’t want to go to the Gym…Ive had these days, and I can tell you since starting to fly for a job a year ago I have not kept to any particular routine.

With a mix of jetlag, excitement to see the cities I am in and not wanting those creepy people staring at you whilst you train in a confined space, so I am starting to create Hotel Room Workouts that I can feel the burn and truly do work.

And the plus side of this is that you feel great afterwards, and can do these at any time of the day/night.

I will update future versions so you never get bored too.
<3 Feel that burn and let me know how it goes!!

LEGS – Version #1
No equipment required. 

50x Fast Body Weight Squats / Pulse Squats
Keep the tension on your quads & glutes the whole time, so not releasing at the top.

10x Sumo Squats
Slow and focused on the ‘squeeze’ at both bottom and top of the squat.

15x each side – Split Squat to Side Crunch
Slow and focused, hands on head and bring the crunch in tight – elbow to knee.

10x each side – Curtsy Lunges

20x each side – Side Lunges with Knee raise

20x each side РDonkey Kicks 
Squeeze the glutes and hamstrings.

Repeat Circuit 3-4 Times depending on how much time you have before exploring for the day, or getting some rest.

ABS – Version #1


1 Minute Plank Hold

10x body saw (rocking plank)
Keep this  slow and controlled, rocking back and forward pushing through the feet.

20x Leg Raises with butt lifted off the floor each time.

20x Each Side Heel Touches
If its too hard, bring heels in closer – too easy, take the heels out further.

20x Each Side Cycling Crunches
Elbow to Knee

10x Sitting Twists ( Russian Twists )
Feet off the ground in a V-Sit. If you have access to a dumbbell then try use this too.

10x Each Side Standing Abdominal Side Bends
Best done with a dumbbell but if you dont have one, try to slow these down and stretch those obliques.

Repeat Circuit 3-4 Times





When in Fiji – a MUST DO day trip is with Captain Cook Cruises.
We did the Tivua Island Day Trip and had an absolute blast!

We were picked up from our hotel “The Sheraton Denarau” at 9am and taken over to Port Denarau. From there we checked in with the staff and received our tickets for the day.

After a short wait we boarded the Tall Ship Ra Marama …. And what a Beauty she is <3

Sailing out to the Island is one of the highlights, as many people have never been on a big sail ship before!!

You are served a Morning Tea on the boat, whilst the crew are mingling with the passengers, organising the plan for the day and maintaining a high level of engagement with each and every one of us.
And even invited to be part/watch the Welcome Kava Ceremony.
Scott & I jumped up and had a taste of course!

Our Group Leader, Li – was amazing, so professional and such a laugh.

Once you arrive at Tivua Island, its up to you how you wish to spend your day!

Complimentary Beer, Wine & Soft Drinks are available to keep you hydrated & a tropical buffet lunch satisfies any hungry tummies after a full on morning of activities.

There are Stand up Paddle boards & Kayaks available to use, snorkelling gear if you don’t have your own and even a Glass Bottom Boat tour too.

Seasonally, there is bird and turtle nesting which I would love to go back and see one day.

And Optional Experiences at an extra cost – You can even go Scuba Diving!


FROM:  FJD 229 per adult
FJD 129 per child ( 3-15years)

Departs Daily from 10am at Port Denarau & Returns at roughly 5pm (you leave the island around 3pm)
*Pricing Subject to change, current as of 16th June 2017 – check the website for more details.