About Me

Hi, I’m Cayla – Life of Layovers – An International Flight Attendant and Travel Blogger here to share my tips and tricks with you as I travel the world exploring cities for short amounts of time but multiple times a year!

I started a career as a Flight Attendant in June 2016 and I have realised how lucky I am to essentially “become a local” in some of these cities that we become so familiar with on our multiple layovers

So im going to help other Travellers and Flight Attendants alike to make the absolute MOST out of your
trips – no matter how much time you have there.

I will show you the absolute MUST DO things, Exploring and discovering hidden gems, or using the quickest/easiest modes of transport etc.

To contact me, please email lifeoflayovers@gmail.com , fill in your details below or message me on Facebook!

         xo Cayla 

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