Getting to Tokyo from Narita Airport


Estimated Travel Time: 50Minutes from Airport
Fare JPY1000 each way

Some hotels offer complimentary shuttle transfers to the Airport – so if you can, take this shuttle to the Airport.

Once there, go to Terminal 1 and down about three levels of escalators to the Bus departure level.
Once outside you want to walk round to bus-stop #31.
Get on the Blue Bus Access Narita which will cost you 1000YEN.
It will either drop you off at Tokyo Station or Ginza.

Take a look at this website for more information and timetables etc for Access Narita.

I opted for Ginza, because after using the TOKYO SUBWAY APP, I could see that where i wanted to go had the least amount of stops/changeovers if i went from here.

And do the same in reverse to get back to Narita!

OR from about 6pm they have buses for 1000YEN that go directly to some hotels too so this may be a better option than the Airport if you are in Tokyo until this time and these leave from the same bus-stop as you arrived.

TOKYO SUBWAY APP – Download it!
This was a serious lifesaver for me in Tokyo so I hope its helpful for you too.


No visit to Tokyo is complete without ticking off the following:

  • Cross the famous intersection – Shibuya Crossing

  • Get a Gigantic Candyfloss in Harajuku

  • Take a stroll along Takeshita Street and see what you come across!